Can I Do it?

well, exam is around the corner, 15 days from now(it starts from 10th may), and preparations are taking up pace slowly but steadily!!
had comp prac exam today, tried my best, did all the programming stuff on my own but even then cudn’t satisfy my external. she just moved aside when i was explaining, but that happens, hav to look forward, coz every cloud has silver lining.
next thing got ticekt for home yesterday, so i’m in jolly mood, ( luv to sing Country Road Take Me Home…..),
but on other front chelsea are goin thru tough time, they drew at Newcastle 2 days ago n hav imp CL and EPL matches in the coming weeks, so i’m praying for them, if they shud do it , i 2’d be able to do it, we’ll go hand in hand!!

1 Comment

  1. well bro….keep it up ….atleast you just hosted a new blog… students sud do something new with their blog…
    hope u’ll carry on ur job smoothly….

    when are u returning ? let me know….i’m heading towards Pakistan on May 15 for AFC President’s Cup .


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