Are we ready for Republican Nepal?

       It sounds very interesting and sweet, The People’s Republic Of Nepal, but are ready for it yet?

     Last year the April revolution swept away the reminiscences of autocratic monarchy from Nepal and everybody thought a new dawn had started. We were talking about a new Nepal  in the offing but a year has passed and no substantial change has been seen or felt. However it would be unfair to say that nothing has happened coz finally Maoists put down their weapons and came into mainstream politics. This itself is a great thing for the country that has been plagued by violence for more than a decade. But let’s be true to ourselves, how much have we gained from the actions since then? Where are we heading for? Has the blood that was shed been counted?
 We tried a lot of things last year but the results are sporadic. Maybe it’s too early to evaluate our leaders, but again with hopes as high as Mt. Everest and few results nobody can escape from the blastings of the people. I’m not saying the whole movement has been a failure neither I’m voicing for  the king, but I think we are going on the wrong direction.

Many of our leaders are behind the republican front but do they have clear cut plans for future Nepal? Or are they still trying to experiment with the best system that suits our country? Talking about Maoists they were the only hope people had(me too) but their actions since last year has effectively decreased the only support they enjoyed. I have not seen any concrete ideas with them aswell. As for the other remaining ones it’s waste  of time to expect anything form them  till date.
      Every time a new government was formed in Nepal it threw away plans to  transfigure Nepal to some places like Singapore or Japan.  However most of those govenrment didn’t last their honeymoon period aswell!! And the ones that did too were so much busy with their internal politics, they hardly gave a stare to the burning issues. And now when we are in the transitional phase we lack concrete plans for the future. It’s high time that we started thinking about our country than the shares in the government or in the parliament.  What Nepal has been lacking is a plan that helps Nepalese to live their life in a prosperous way, not a system that changes Nepal overnight. With high illiteracy,  unemployment and superstitions rooting most part of our country it’d be nothing more than  a day dream to expect a fair consensus from the scheduled Constitutional council‘s election.

Let’s say we  overthrew the monarchy and move towards the Republican front, but will that solve the deep rooted problems of our country? Still we’d be experimenting with the system that suits us best. I’m not against experiments of any sorts but believe me it’s not the right time. If we decided on experiments we’d be pushed backwards by a decade furhter. Instead let’s unite and walk ahead, we’ve to prepare a new constitution that will provide us with tools to combat against any force. Let’s decrease illiteracy and poverty first, for that if required let’s cut the budgets to unnecessary sectors(the royal palace etc), let’s be true to ourself and lets perform our duties first. Republican agenda can come later when majority of people are able to discuss it without any fear and cast their votes from their  mind and soul.


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