Blues and The Reds!!

Well Chelsea did it last night. However I was able to hear the good news just a while ago. So with Chelsea on the brink of securing a place in Champions League final, could all my predictions about Chelsea and myself be coming true? Can’t say that until my examinations but rest assured as the Blues have given their full effort in overcoming the resilient Reds, I too will be giving my all for my coming exam.

 And other thing I just happened to come across the supposed to be final book in Harry Potter series last night, went thoroughly through it but I’m satisfied it’s by J.K. Rowling herself. The first thing is the tone of book is not like that of Rowling and secondly it contains too much description about sexual indulgence of Harry and I’m damn sure J.K. Rowling has brighter plans for Harry than to stick him with a girl. The plot of the book also fails to arouse enthusiasm, so I’m eagerly waiting for the true copy of it. It is scheduled to release on 21st of July and by then I cud get more on this as-well. 


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