And Again

Never felt so somber ever in my life. The reason Chelsea didn’t stood up to the task of playing to their potential and went out of Champions League  very swiftly. And that too from the hands of the Reds!!.

I think we need a change of man at Chelsea, either the manager or general manager. Both of them are making things harder at Stamford Bridge. Jose has no doubtedly done lots of things @ bridge and he’s one of the greatest manager aswell, but if we wanna reach the new level we must be thinking fast bout the kind of foundation we require, the right players and of course the right tactics during the matchday.

Jose could remain with the Blues next season aswell, but there must be a good central defender, a good striker to support Drogba upfront (or better get someone else in place of Drogba aswell) and then only we can do things. Plus the Blues must be playing with real attacking mindset. All of us used to notice the venom in Chelsea’s game a season or  2 ago but now where’s that. Nobody fear us anymore and more than that at crucial times we are dropping points regularly aswell.  Hey boys get on with your work!! We are there for u!!

Luv Chelsea 4ever!!


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