Pursuit of Happiness

I’ve looked for happiness in most places i know, but haven’t been able to get what i wanted. Happiness to me was like chasing a mirage. But from yesterday my perception bout the thing has been changed and what did it? Forest Gump!!

After finishing the exam yesterday I had nothing to do but watch movies. Luckily I had Forest Gump but haven’t been able to watch it for some reasons. What then , I Put it into the DVD drive, and started to enjoy the flick.

It was 6 in the morning when i finally finished the movie, and I wasn’t in mood of sleeping then too. The way Forest(Tom Hanks) handled the situation made me to think bout myself again. And there was some Lieutenant and Jenny, Gump’s mother and that friend of his in army, they all enjoye their life as it came. Esp Forest just did enough to go through some time of his life and suprisingly he was successful in every steps he took. Maybe it was his luck or perhaps the movie was overly dramatised whatever the thing it was it taught me to take things as it came. Never try to change the things in your favour else let the things come and you’ll see they’ll pass as easily as they have stumbled across you.

Hope i’ll also be able to follow the same path and regain the happiness factor in my life that i lost years ago.  Coz all these things lead to one road i.e. Happiness!!


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