Extra rights to limited users in Windows XP–part I

You are in a big institution(or whatever) and you’ve been asked to set administrative right on the PCs in there.First thing you’d do is create multiple accounts, (one with administrative right password protected of course and the other limited user with out password).You think your job has been done quite easily and fast.

But suddenly one day a user contacts you saying he can’t access internet from his home(rembr you’ve set limited a/c on the system so that the user is now unable to make any changes in the system and hence your problem!!). Some other may follow by saying some how their system time has been changed and now they can’t change it.

Now what would you do(…scratch your head for a while)….er…tell them the password and ask them to login through a/c with administrative right and make the changes as they desire. But that is what you were supposed to stop, Mr. Smart…

Dont worry, if you dwell carefully you’ll find there’re lots of things provided that helps you in situtations like these.In here I’m going to describe how to allow users with limited account to change network settings( basically stuffs like IP address, new network connection etc).

1. Login with user with “Administrative Rights” and run Computer Management service(press “Win +R” and type “compmgmt.msc” or right click on “My Computer“>>”Manage“)

2. In the management console that appears next,click on “Local Users and Groups“>>”Groups“,… there you’ll see various types of the groups available in your system. Since we’re concerned with network connections, the group of our concern is “Network Configuration Operators.”

If you double click on it, you’ll see that users of this group have privilege to manage network configurations.

3. Now that you’ve found the right group, it’s time to add your desired user(with limited rights) in this group. For this double click on “Network Configuration Operators“>>”Add“>>”Advanced“>>”Find Now“…
Clicking on “Find Now” will list various users present in your system.Select the appropriate user and press “OK” untill you appear where you started.Finally press “Apply” apply the setting.

Now that you’ve added your user with limited account in “Network Configuration Operators” group, the user will be able to change network configurations at his will and its my sincere belief your troubles will also be lesser.

Screen shots:

Computer Management Console with “Network Configuration Operators” group selected

Network Configuration Operators without any member users

Browsing for required users

Selecting appropriate user

User addded for the “Network Configuration Operators” group


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