Champions League QF return Leg

The return leg for QF of Champions League is just some days away. All the away teams except Barca gained a lot in the first leg. By far Madrid and Bayern Munich are sitting in the most comfortable position. While Chelsea also have away goal advantage, they aren’t performing well domestically and everyone knows Stamford Bridge is not a fortress anymore. They may have won 4-2 at Villa park, but letting 2 goals slip past when in such a comfortable situation is surely a sign of concern.

As for Barca, they had a difficult time at San Siro. Milan perfected their defence and even The all firing Messi couldn’t find a way past the red and blacks. But the story could be very different when the two teams meet at Nou Camp. Barca could crush Milan but Milan do have some chance as well. If they can bring their defending tactics right and Ibra and company don’t squander chances, who knows Barca may be ousted from the competition at this early stage.

The semis however looks pretty much settled at this time, Madrid vs Munich and Barca / Milan vs Chelsea. But who will reach Alianz Arena?



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