Nepali Calendar in Google Chrome

Do u remember the small calendar application we used to run in our PC, with waving Nepali flag and current nepali date being displayed in Nepali near date / time icon ??
Hmm..that was pretty cool and quite handy aswell. It still is quite very popular. However if ur work needs you to work mostly in web browser, then I’d suggest you use another cool calendar and what’s interesting, it’s got date converter(english to nepali and vice versa), forex rates(as published by Nepal Rastra Bank), and Nepali typing tool(you guys can type your नेपाली comments easily in facebook) bundled with it.
But it’s got a catch, you must have Google chrome installed for it to work. The calendar is a Chrome extension and hence chrome is a must. But everyone uses Chrome these days, don’t you?

The calendar I’m talking about is called Hamro Patro ( हाम्रो पात्रो ), and the link for it is: Hamro Patro हाम्रो पात्रो

Copy paste the link in chrome and then follow as you see it next. In few clicks you’d have Hamro Patro installed in chrome. And next to your address bar will be a small icon with Nepali flag in it, hover over and you’ll see the current Nepali date. To use other tools I mentioned above click on the icon and proceed.



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