PDF Creator

Need to create PDFs??

Which software do u use most??

Well Adobe may be the most repetitive answer. But it’s a commercial (need to buy) software and although you can find cracks and serials, why use a pirated software when you can get same for free (or even better). Today it’s creating pdf using free software. And its easy aswell.


It’s one of the best freeware (in terms of creating PDF) i’ve come across. Just download it, install it and you’d have a pdf printer installed in your system. When you give print command to any document u may have, u can select the PrimoPDF as your printer and then the document is churned out as PDF. It’s that easy.

There’s a paid version as well named Nitro PDF (which can edit PDF and other things as well…) but we’re more focused on creating PDF, hence PrimoPDF suits us best.



This one is also free and handy too. The best feature of this is, it works in Client Server model and thus provides PDF printer for all your clients. Using this you can add various security features to PDFs that you create and more.

Compared to PrimoPDF its bit so so (but that’s my view only, i regularly use both to create PDFs and have no complains with either).


So next time someone asks you what do u use to create PDF, i hope you wont be saying A……

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