Google Books Downloader

I had written about how to download from Scribd for free sometimes back.  You people liked it too but alas that trick isn’t working anymore (I still need more people to confirm it…). Well, Scribd has loads of goodies but now we can’t easily have them in our fold. But wait, google too has such stuffs..You must have already used google books haven’t you?? So if it was possible to get books off google, it’d be much better. And today I’m gonna share something about how to download google books. But you must keep in mind that most of google books contain previews only i.e. they don’t contain whole book. But you would agree, a hard copy book is far better than electronic version in any given day. Whatever be the thing, I’d share ingo about this cool program that lets you download google book as PDF.

First, get Google Books Download ( Once downloaded and installed, you can run it and start downloading the books that you can get from Google Books. I’d have lubed to post a video tutorial right here, but presently I can’t embed videos over here. So I’ve uploaded the video in youtube, you can find it at : (

Go through the video, I hope you’ll understand it pretty well. In any case, do write…


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