Kaspersky AntiVirus forever

Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus available. Though it’s resource hungry if you’ve got one installed in your system(windows) forget about getting caught by those nasty viruses and worms. But it’s not free. You can have a trial version free for 1 month but after the trial expires, you can do nothing with it. Although you can reinstall any product of Kaspersky, it’ll say you’ve passed your trial period and hence you’re out of option.

Today I’m going to share something with you that will make your trial version of Kaspersky to last forever.


Firstly, make a habit of saving those Kaspersky updates  locally in your PC as well. If you’re regular user of Kaspersky you’ll know how to, else pop in and I’ll guide you guys.

Now in this tip we’ll fool Kaspersky by removing the entries of trial version. To do this just remove the following entry from the registry.


Once you’ve deleted the entry, reinstall Kaspersky, you’ll be able to activate the trial version once again. And you can try  the same method N number of times.

So, have Kaspersky forever…

But it doesn’t cost much to get a license too. So, why not buy a license totally. The choice is yours.


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