TOR bundle…unlocking the internet

Many of my peers at office always ask me to guide them to use Facebook. At our office Facebook and other similar sites have been blocked during office hours. My answer to them will always be same, respect the office rules and continue with what’s in place.

But all my dearest friends and many others, there’s nothing that can block the internet from your grasp. Just do a little bit of google(here and there) and you’ll be surprised there are tons of things that can unlock the internet.

I’ve written about one such thing sometime back Ultrasurf . If you’ve already used Ultrasurf, you must have noticed that it does change some settings in your browser and in many case you’ll be caught by your System Administrator(if you’ve used Ultrasurf at Office). The thing that I’m talking today is much more robust and secured than Ultrasurf, it’s the TOR Browser.

This little piece of software, unlocks the internet to you and makes you anonymous to the outside world. So not only you can use those restricted sites, your trail will also be saved. So have fun and use TOR.

How to use it

  1. First download the TOR bundle from TOR Project
  2. Once downloaded, extract the compressed file and then browse inside the extracted folder for something called TOR Brrowser, run it.
  3. It’ll take some time before it starts fully, doing lot of background tasks for you, once started, it’ll open up a new firefox browser. And you’re ready to surf anonymously and freely.

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