BlackMart Alpha — Every Applications FREE of charge for your Andriod

How long have you been using your Android device??

And if you’ve been using it for long, I bet you’ve installed many applications: some free , some trial versions and there are these games that you want to play but they cost you some $$. And add to that various Productivity tools that you’d like to use but alas all the ones that you desired are paid only.

Well no need to worry, with this cool App you can unlock the Google Playstore for yourself. You’ll have access to all the applications free of charge. And this handy tip was shared to me by ShreeRam Gyawali Sir. So many thanks to Shreeram Sir for this tip. However one friend of mine, Niraj who’ve used this app said, it frequently crashed his phone. But I’ve not faced it till date. So I hope it works for you too.

Get the App here:


My free wordpress allows me to upload only images and docs hence I’ve rename the app as image file. To download the app, Right Click the link and select Save Link As, in the window that opens next, change the extension of file from jpg to apk, select File Type as All Files.

Black Mart Alpha

P.S. How About Apple?? It’s on the line!!!

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