Stuck with forgotten Excel passwords?

Rule of thumb for password is YOU HAVE TO MEMORIZE.But nowadays there are so many things that we’ve password protected it’s hard to remember them all. And because of our pea sized brain it’s very hard to cram passwords into our already stuffed brain. So what if you forget the passwords. Well, option 1: remember and try hard to remember the original password( best of luck). And if u fail: leave the thing you’ve protected and start afresh.
However if the thing you’ve protected is Excel file, then there could be solution depending upon the level of password protection.

Listed below are few tricks for unlocking password protected Excel files:

1. Sheet Level / Workbook level protection:
Very often we find a good excel template for various use. However, the template is password protected i.e. one can’t make modification.But what if you want to make modifications in the template?

To get rid of worksheet/workbook level of protection, just open the Excel file using OpenOffice Calc(portable OpenOffice is easily available for download) and then save it as Excel file.

Voila, worksheet/workbook level of protection is gone.

2. Code level protection: 

Another way of protecting your work in Excel is code level protection (if you’ve done VBA stuffs in Excel you’d know it). Now to remove VBA password from Excel, get a HexEditor(again download one of them, they are small and easily available).

Open your VBA protected Excel file in HexEditor and look for the string “DPB=”. Change that to “DPx=” and save the file. Now open the file normally in Excel, Excel will throw up some kind message regarding Corrupt data. Just ignore it and continue. VBA protection will be disabled and you can again set the password. Set a new password for code level protection and save the file. Open up the file in Excel and view your VBA code with new password that you set earlier.


P.S. Credit for second walkaround goes to :

Both the tricks have been tested and I have found them to work. If any doesn’t work, do write.




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