Turn your Laptop into Wifi HotSpot

We frequently come across many Wifi Hotspot and it’s great to have them free!! Ever wanted Wifi HotSpot at your palce of choice??
The first thing you’d think of is building a system with Wireless router and other necessary things. But wait, if you’ve already got some kind of internet connection, you can always share the same to make it work exactly like and Wifi HotSpot.




What you should have:

1. Laptop with Internet connection(Wired internet connection),

2. Wireless card.

What it does:

1. Shares your internet from Wire connection over the wifi, so that other users can use your wired internet connection over the air.

The catch:

It’s pretty easy. First get Virtual Router, install it, now set your required wifi details, SSID(Hotspot name), protection type and choose the internet connection that you want to share over wifi. Click on Start Virtual Router and your Wifi Hotspot is up and running.


You can name your own SSID and protection type as compared to other product of same nature(Connectify doesn’t allow to change name in free version)

It’s absolutely free.


Works in Windows 7 and Above

If the laptop you’re using to run the wifi goes down, your wifi hotspot also goes down.



If virtual router fails to start after installing, goto Device Manager( goto Run, Win+R >> Type devmgmt.msc >> Click OK ) and Check for Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter , it must be installed and working. If you don’t find do following to enable it.

1. Goto Run(Win + R),

2. Open Command prompt with Administrative Privileges (Right click on CMD and select Run as Administrator),

3. Type in netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow , Click OK

This should enable Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter and your Virtual Router should work now.




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